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Kupipakva Rasayana was introduced in Ayurvedic therapeutics way back in thirteenth century. “Kupi” stands for fireproof bottles, “Pakva” stands for prepared by using fire, “Rasa” stands for mercury & “Ayana” stands for abode. So Kupipakva Rasayanas are in fact the special therapeutic preparations made by amalgamating different organic, inorganic, metallic or non- metallic substances with detoxified and purified mercury in specially designed fireproof bottles and special type of the furnaces called “balukayantra”. The therapeutic agents prepared by this technique and having Sulphur as one of its ingredients are known as Sagandha Kupipakva Rasayana & others that do not have Sulphur as one of its ingredients are called as Nirgandha Kupipakva Rasayana.

Name of Medicine

1Kg. 500gm. 100gm.


24000/- 12015/- 2415/-
MAKARADWAJ 8500/- 4265/- 865/-
MALL SINDUR 7150/- 3590/- 730/-
TAL SINDUR 7150/- 3590/- 730/-
RAS SINDUR 7050/- 3540/- 720/-
SWARNBANG BHASAM 3300/- 1665/- 345/-
RAS MANIKYA 980/- 505/- 113/-
SAMIR PANNAG RAS 7150/- 3590/- 730/-