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Lauha & Mandur
Lauha & Mandur are the classical Indian herbo-mineral products that have Lauha Bhasma (incinerated iron) or Mandur Bhasma (Incinerated iron oxide) as one of their prime ingredients. They are considered to be rejuvenators of the rakta dhatu (Blood) which itself is considered to be one of the seven essential factors that behold the very existence of the body and is said to be one of the ten abodes of the life mentioned in Ayurvedic classics. It is such an essential factor that the very existence of the life can not be imagined in its absence.

The Lauha & Mandur preparations are used in all the primary and secondary cases of the Pandu i.e. quantitative & qualitative loss of the vital force of the life which has been mentioned as Rakta in Ayurvedic literature. Being promoters and modulators of haemopoisis they have been popular as mainstay of the prescriptions of the Ayurvedic physicians from centuries in such conditions. Not only that they are also therapeutically effective in treating the complications associated with the condition of the Pandu such as oedema, lethargy, loss of appetite.

Name of Medicine

1Kg. 500gm. 100gm.


1800/- 915/- 195/-
CHANDANADI LOH 700/- 365/- 85/-
TAPYADI LOH 850/- 440/- 100/-
DHATRI LOH 530/- 280/- 68/-
NAVAYAS LOH 810/- 420/- 96/-
PRADARANTAK LOH 800/- 415/- 95/-
PRADRARI LOH 880/- 455/- 103/-
PUNARNAVADI MANDUR 590/- 310/- 74/-
VISHAM JWARANTAK LOH 720/- 375/- 87/-
YAKRAT HAR LOH 1180/- 605/- 133/-
SHOTHARI LOH 980/- 505/- 113/-
SAPTAMRAT LOH 520/- 275/- 67/-
SARV JWARHAR LOH 720/- 375/- 87/-